The innovative Operio Mobile unit ensures that both the surgical site and instruments near the surgical site are protected from airborne contaminants during the entire surgical procedure.

Operio Mobile is a clean air zone unit, with an integrated detachable instrument tray, to be used in the operating zone, which produces a directed, non-turbulent ultra clean air flow to the surgical site during ophthalmic surgery and to the sterile instruments used duringsurgery.

The ultra clean airflow is easily aimed over the surgical site or any other area where there is a need to keep the sterile integrity intact.

Operio Mobile has a unique protective barrier in order for the unit to be placed close to the OR table. The unit circulates the ambient air through a HEPA filtration system, cleaning the air, which prevents dangerous, airborne bacteria-carrying particles from coming into contact with the surgical site, as well as surgical instruments near the surgical site.

The unit is easy to use and transport between operating rooms and/or preparation rooms.

  • Operio Mobile is easy to set up requiring no changes to the room.
  • Operio Mobile can be used instead of an instrument table near the surgical site next to the patient, saving valuable space.
  • Operio Mobile guarantees <5 cfu/m3 air inside the clean air zone.