Our Legacy

The Company

Opto Hellas is one of the largest suppliers of medical instruments, implants and consumables in Europe and is constantly expanding to new and challenging markets. Our customer base which we refer to as ‘the Opto family’ consist of ophthalmologists, orthopedics, dermatologists and medical institutes. We aim to serve those that seek for superior customer service and innovative products, to better their working environment and day to day operations.

Opto Hellas is constantly evolving with the help of technology and the rapid growth of international medical markets, but we never forget our path that led us to where we are today. We focus on the needs of our customers and constantly try to support them whenever they are in need and wherever they are located.

With more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Ophthalmology, Orthopedics and Dermatology, we have created a welcoming platform for respected  practitioners of all ages and fields, to showcase their breakthroughs, knowledge and opinions through OptoTV; a platform that aims to educate and inform both the general public and professionals via videos.

As all know the future is always unpredictable but we are sure that here at Opto we will continue to support and empower our customers, focus on methods to enhance their operations through exquisite product lines and increase the quality standards of our field globally.

Company’s Path


Mr. Christos Papanikolaou, optician meister, welcomes the new millennia by creating optical wholesale company called ‘Opto’, a company focusing on economical frames and sunglasses for the Greek Market.


‘Opto’ expands into the ophthalmological instrument market with its subsidiary company ‘OptoTechnika’.


Soon the Greek market was proven too small for the rapid growth of ‘Opto’ so ‘Optotechnika’ evolved to ‘Opto Hellas’. The new company focused on creating a European network of distribution.


‘Opto Hellas’ expands its business activities and enters the European market for orthopedics and plastic surgery.


‘Opto Hellas’ creates the company’s new offices in Athens, Greece. The company welcomes a new and energetic team which was ready to help ‘Opto Hellas’ to expand even further.


‘Opto Hellas’ becomes the official distributor of ‘Moptim’ in the European market. This collaboration was proven successful, as a strong network met with an excellent line of products.


‘Opto Hellas’ becomes the official distributor of ‘Suoer’ in the European and Middle Eastern market. A promising collaboration focusing on innovation and efficiency.

A glance into the future

As a medical equipment distributor, Opto Hellas focuses on delivering products of unique quality. We believe that by educating our customers, innovative technologies will no longer pose as obstacles to the market but provide unique tools to operate in a modern era. That is why are goal is to help those who seek for uncanny results and high-end technologies.

As we continue to grow in new markets, we aim to enrich Opto Hellas’s network, influence manufactures to create equipment tailored to the needs of the market and of course continue to provide cutting edge technologies to an ever-growing medical market!