RODENSTOCK CV-600 / 800P 24″


RODENSTOCK CV-600 / 800P 24″


Modern wireless connections can be a real relief in everyday life and leave you completely free in the interior design and arrangement. That’s why we offer you a choice of preprogrammed polarised and non-polarised screens, providing everything from standard optotypes to special tests for contrast or colour vision.

Product Features

  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection to Phoromat 2000
  • Snellen, ETDRS, Crowding Bars
  • Red–green and stereo tests
  • Colour vision tests

  • Display: 24" Full-HD LCD
  • Working distance: 2.0 m - 7.0 m (0.1 m step adjustment)
  • Visus Units: Decimal, LogMar, Meter, Feet
  • Visus Types: DIN, Decimal, LogMar, Snellen Modified, Snellen Contrast
  • Program: 2 programs with a maximum of 20 charts
  • External input/output port: 1 x USB 2.0, RS-232C
  • Communication: Bluetooth/ WiFi for wireless connection, RS-232 at wired connection
  • Remote control: Included
  • Children: HOTV, Hands, Pictures, Symbols