The SVF-7000 Static Perimeter by Main Meditech in collaboration with Opto Hellas, is technologically advance, premium quality with premium specifications visual field analyzer, which is here to set new standards for perimetry, world-wide.

Product Features

  • The device is fully compliant to the Goldmann Standards offering a White-on-White test with a premium LED light source that prolongs the life of the illumination.
  • The advanced Eye-Tracking system of the device allows the auto-correction of the positioning of the patient during measurements via the assistance of the robotic headrest and chinrest. The device detects when the patient is not looking into the fixation point and automatically adjusts his/her position to realign to that of the fixation point. It also offers the option to be operated and guided via voice commands by the user.
  • The new Blind Zone Test has been developed to analyze the optic disk inflammation and edema.
  • The SVF-7000 has a classic report format which is familiar and easy to read by all ophthalmologists world-wide.

Technical Data

  • DB Value Range: 0 ~ 40 dB
  • Stimulus Intensity Range: 1 asb ~ 10,000 asb
  • Stimulus Size: Goldman III
  • Stimulus Color: White
  • Stimulus Duration Time: 200ms/Adaptive
  • Max Measurement Range: 90°
  • Test Distance: 30cm
  • Test Mode: Static
  • Stimulus Quantity: 456 Points
  • Stimulus Plane: Aspherical Surface
  • Background Illumination: White 31.5 asb (10cd/m2)

Advanced Software Operations

  • Advanced Options: Customize Test Program, Auto Eye Recognition, Blindzone Range Test
  • Stimulus Source: LED
  • Chinrest Control: Touchscreen, Keyboard and Mouse Control, Button Control
  • Head Movement: Chinrest and Headrest move simultaneously

Computer Specification

  • CPU 1.6 GHz
  • RAM 4GB
  • Hard Disk 120GB
  • Operational System Windows 10
  • Display 14” LCD Touchscreen
  • Network Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Data Export

  • Methods DICOM 3.0, USB

Electrical and Environmental

  • Voltage/Frequency AC 100V – 240V / 50 ~ 60 Hz

Software Result

Classic Test report: Test report in Classic format, can be easily read and understand by doctors world widely