SUOER SW-7000 Specular Microscope


SUOER SW-7000 Specular Microscope

The new SW-7000 Specular Microscope from SUOER is a fully automatic/robotic, highly advanced and user friendly instrument that offers accurate and fast measurements of the corneal endothelium surface, while focusing on patient comfort.




  • Optical Magnification:165X±10%
  • Photographic slit width:0.25mm±0.025mm
  • Cornea thickness measurement accuracy:±0.025mm(>0.6mm) ±0.015mm(≤0.6mm)
  • Capture Mode:Auto/Semi-Auto/Manual
  • Capturing positions: The center and 6 peripheral points



The function of software:


  • Analysis values: Number of cells, CD,SD,CV,AVG/Max/Min
  • Auto/Manual Repair the Cell Edge, Coloring, Magnifying, Automatic Analysis functions, etc
  • Classification statistic: according to the cell area and cell edges number