SUOER SW-9000plus Optical Biometer


SUOER SW-9000plus Optical Biometer

The all new SW-9000plus Optical Biometer by SUOER is an advanced, innovative and fully automatic biometry, that is here to redefine the premium optical biometric market, with  reliable,  high tech specifications.

The SW-9000plus has an intelligent systems that provides with one measurement, 8 results in under 2 seconds while performing fast and accurate  auto alignment,  auto focus and  auto shot functions.

The new SW-9000plus has a built-in computer with a 12” inch full HD touchscreen display, which allows the user to monitor and perform the examination easily and effectively. The instrument can be connected with any printing device and is DICOM 3.0 compatible.

Learn more about the products specifications by downloading the SW-9000plus product brochure.