The UFSK-International OSYS treatment chair 500 XLE represents an optimal price-performance relation.

Technology up to the point and especially developed for outpatient operations in ophthalmic surgery using the rotation principle.

Due to the unique, construction of the back part the surgeon has optimal access to the operating field. Thus, surgeries can be performed from above as well as temporally without any problems.

Thanks to the footswitch installed as standard, the surgeon can independently adjust the overall height and head section, to optimally position the patient at any time.

Chair can be optimally adapted to the patients' needs and thus enables a particularly ergonomic positioning.

The low entry height allows the patient to get in and out of the chair in a particularly ergonomic way. He can easily sit down on the treatment chair and then be transferred from the seating to the reclining position.

This makes everyday life easier for the nursing staff, as repositioning of the patient is reduced to a minimum.

The driving performance is characterized for the 500 XLE treatment chair. Due to the four large double castors and the lightweight chassis, this treatment chair can be used in a space-saving manner. It offers excellent maneuverability, which makes this treatment chair suitable for many patient transfers per day.

The ergonomically shaped and removable push handles on the footrest relieve the user's wrists and make it easier to transfer the patient.

Our treatment chair 500XLE has been in use worldwide since 2005. The new hand control, which now contains 8 memory positions, battery charge indicator, and a CPR button.


  • Applications: ophthalmic, ENT, dermatology, for maxillary surgery
  • Operation: electric
  • Features: Height-adjustable, on casters, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, ergonomic, rotating