The Prima OPH is a versatile microscope designed for both surgical and clinical environments. With an intelligent LED illumination system that runs long and cool, an Apochromatic optical system, and superb RedReflex system, and motorized movement, this microscope delivers on the promise of high performance at affordability.

Product Features

  • Prima OPH Mμ Microscope with 45º head, CMO 200 mm and H-base
  • A super bright LED produces over 105,000 Lux with a color temperature of 5700K.
  • An Apochromatic optical system produces sharp and aberration-free images at every step
  • RedReflex is made possible in the Prima OPH thanks to an ingenious optical design, enabling visualization of an illuminated retina for easy detection of ruptured vessels, arteries, or damage to the optic disc.
  • Ophthalmologists can use a digital SLR or video camera, thanks to a wide selection of adapters available through the ProLine™.

Binocular Tube: 45° inclined head

Apochromatic Magnichanger: 5 steps: 0.4X, 0.6X, 1.0X, 1.6X, 2.5X


  • Standard: WF 10X/16 mm with eye guards Optional: WF 12.5X/16 mm with eye guards All eyepieces have diopter adjustment ± 5 mm and diopter lock

Vertical Movement of arm: 550 mm

Microscope carriers

  • Multi-axial (XYZ) foot control (PRIMA OPH X-Y & Z AXIS)
  • Single axis (Z) foot control (PRIMA OPH Z AXIS)
  • Built-in-Filters
  • Green & Blue


  • Standard: f=200 mm, Optional: f=175 mm

Light Source: UV & IR free 50W LED

Stand: H-base on 4 locking castor wheels, optional wall or ceiling mounts

Arm: Swivel 525 mm, Suspension 600 mm

Accessories (Optional)

  • 0-210° tiltable ergonomic head
  • Double beam splitter
  • Assistant binocular attachment
  • ProLine range of camera adapters