MOPTIM OPM 500 microscope


MOPTIM OPM 500 microscope


The device is an operating microscope with top-class optics that ensures high depth of field, image quality and clarity. The apochromatic lenses are used for reducing chromatic aberration. The long-life LED illumination ensures continuous surgery. It also contains HD video system that contributes to the recording of the surgery process with no need for a PC.

Product Features

  • Outstanding optics with excellent depth of view
  • True Coaxial Illumination
  • Long-lasting LED light source
  • Lens Integrated Video Camera
  • Apochromatic Objective
  • Practical operation record function
  • Mounting system
  • Efficient Magnification Control

Magnification changer: 6.3:1 zoom, motorized, Apochromatic 5-step-changer

Objective: WD=200mm, APO


  • 10× wide-field eyepieces for eye-glasses wearers
  • Diopter adjustment +/– 5 with adjustable eyecup

X-Y unit:

  • X-Y unit moving by electric, adjustable speed
  • 40×40mm,with reset function

Focusing: Motorized, 40mm, adjustable speed, reset function


  • Coaxial, integrated Red Reflex illumination
  • Adjustment of light intensity
  • Long-lasting LED-illumination free of UV and IR
  • 2 free openings for selectable filters

Pitch adjustment: Inclining mechanism +/– 15° manual fine adjustment

Foot switch: 8-function foot switch, waterproof

Mounting system: Compact foot with 4 movable rollers, with foot brakes

Maximum reach: 1070mm

Camera system

Type: Integrated HD Video recording system

Video/photo: Resolution: 1920×1080

Storage time: >6h