INAMI K-0391


INAMI K-0391


Designed to maximise patient comfort by minimising frame weight yet retaining high durability, Inami Light-weight Trial frames are available in universal or fixed interocular distance (PD Models).

  • The light-weight type allows for quick and easy adjustment of both PD and corneal alignment, while providing a sure mounting for trial lenses.
  • High comfort and sturdiness are also features of the Fixed PD Lightweight models with specific interpupillary distance.
  • Inami Universal Lightweight trial frames are designed by minimizing the frame weight, yet retaining high durability.
  • Quick and easy adjustment of both PD and corneal alignment are obtainable.
  • Distances of 52mm, 54mm, 56mm, 58mm, 60mm, 62mm, 64mm, 66mm, 68mm and 70mm are available.

  • PD: 48 – 80 mm (+0.8 mm)
  • Cornea measuring plate: 2mm interval
  • Frame adjustable angles: 35o (upward 30o+5o, downward 5o+5o-2o)
  • Frame adjustable length: 35mm
  • Nose pad adjustable angles: 360o
  • Nose pad adjustable length: 22mm+1.5mm
  • Maximum available lens: 0o+5o, 180o+5o
  • Maximum available lenses: 10 pcs
  • Axis of lens: 0o+5o, 180o+5o
  • Available colour: Black (K-0391), Violet (K-0391-V), White (K-0391-G)