GLAUKOS iStent Inject W


GLAUKOS iStent Inject W


Featuring a wide flange at its base, the new precision-engineered iStent inject® W is designed to optimise stent visualisation and placement, enhance procedural predictability, and increase confidence.

Built on a proven platform
Representing the next generation of Glaukos trabecular micro-bypass technology, iStent inject W is built on
a solid, dependable foundation of proven efficacy and safety in thousands of eyes worldwide.

  • Optimised Outflow: Two multi-directional stents designed to restore natural outflow
  • Clinically Proven: Significant IOP reduction across a wide range of clinical studies
  • Procedural Elegance: Predictability and precision to meet the needs of your practice
  • Proven Safety: Safety profile similar to cataract surgery alone


A WIDE FLANGE at the base of iStent inject W is designed to:

  • Enhance visibility
  • Facilitate seamless implantation
  • Provide observable positioning confirmation
  • Deliver procedural consistency and predictability


System Specifications:

  • Head: Resides in Schlemm’s canal
  • Central Outlet: 80 μm dia.
  • Thorax: Held by the trabecular meshwork
  • Wide Flange: Resides in the anterior chamber
  • Central Inlet: 80 μm dia.
  • Diameter: 360 μm
  • Height: 360 μm
  • Side Flow Outlets: Four, 50 μm diameter