CORNEAL TOPOGRAPHERS - Anterior / Posterior



The SW-6000D Dry Eye Analyzer with New design by SUOER, is a non-invasive, comprehensive ocular surface analyzer ideal for high quality dry eye screenings. The devices functions include NIKBUT Measurement, NIKTMH Measurement, Meibo-Scan and Imaging, Lipid Layer Filming, R-Scan and Analysis, as also includes readings such as: Axial Curnvature, Tangential Curvature, Altitude Map, Simulated Keratoscopy and Corneal 3D Map. The SW-6000D is a fast and easy to operate system, with an easy to use software AI assisted and operational system.


  • Non Invasive  & Comprehensive Ocular Surface Analyzer
  • Fast & Easy Operating System
  • Easy to Use Software



Technical Data

  • Measuring Range of Curvature Radius: 5.5mm – 10mm
  • Corresponding Diopter Measurement Range: 33.75D – 61.63D
  • Radial Measuring Diameter: 9.7mm (Center is 43D)
  • Automatic Eye Recognition: OD/OS
  • Measuring Points: No less than 8000
  • Connectivity: DICOM

Adjustment range

  • Left/Right: More than100mm
  • Front/Rear: More than 80mm
  • Up/down: More than 25 mm
  • Chinrest height: More than 50mm

Corneal Topographer

  • Color Scaling Selection: Standard Power /K-Scale/ Universal Standard Scale/ Normalized/ Custom
  • Sim K Units: D/mm
  • Available Info on Map: Image, Color Map, Polar Data, Cartesian Grid, Polar Grid, Kera Axis, Readout, Note, Curve, Data
  • Comparing: Single or Multiple Maps

Dry Eye Analyzer

8 Comprehensive Α.Ι Analysis Examination

• Non-Invasive Tear Break up Time
• Meibomian Gland Analysis
• Tear Meniscus Height
• Lipid Layer Thickness
• Red Eye Analysis
• Blinking Analysis
• Eye Lid Margin Analysis
• Pupil Analysis

Results Library