Multifunction Units



The all new ALINO, experience 6 analyses in 1 device: refraction, keratometry, topography, tonometry, pachymetry and dry eye analysis. Are you ready for something that is all-in-one, time-saving, space-saving and suits your business perfectly? Let’s have a look at how powerful ALINO® can be.

Product Features

6 in 1 solution

    1. Refraction: Having a good starting value for subjective refraction is essential. The QUICK REF MODE supports this even for uncooperative patients.
    1. Keratometry: KAI (Kerato-asymmetry index) & KRI (Kerato-regularity index) give the first hint of possible irregularities on the cornea. This supports evaluation of the best vision correction or best-fitting contact lens.
    1. Tonometry: The very gentle air puff created by a new generation of air-flow technology means that patients more readily accept the need for regular check-ups of the IOP measurement.
    1. Pachymetry: Correcting the IOP by measuring the central corneal thickness is essential in interpreting the intraocular pressure.
    1. Topography: Various topographic maps support you in carrying out vision screenings, contact lense fittings and in patient education.
    1. Dry Eye: Observe the customers’ eye health and evaluate the long-term tolerability of contact lenses.

Refractive Power Measurement

  • Spherical refractive power (S): -30.00 D to + 25.00 D (at VD = 12.0 mm)
  • Cylindrical power (C): 0.00 D to ± 12.50 D (at VD = 12.0 mm)
  • Astigmatic axis (A): 0° to 180°

Keratometry Measurement

  • Corneal curvature radius: 5.00 mm to 13.00 mm
  • Corneal astigmatic axis: 0° to 180°

Intraocular Pressure Measurement

  • Measurement range: 1 mmHg to 60 mmHG (1 hPa to 80 hPa)

Pachymetry Measurement

  • Measurement range: 300 μm to 800 μm

Topography Measurement

  • Corneal curvature radius: 5.50 mm to 10.00 mm
  • Corneal astigmatic axis: 0° to 180°

Auxiliary Function

  • Inter-pupillary distance: Measurement range 20 mm to 85 mm
  • Corneal diameter and pupil diameter: Measurement range 1.00 mm to 14.00 mm
  • Dry eye observation: Blinking Analysis, Tear Meniscus height, Hyperemia, Meibomian glands

Additional services

  • Impress your customers with this ALL-IN-ONE device
  • Time Saving: Auto alignment and auto measurement
  • Less space: Optimise your space utilisation
  • Regular additional sales: Generate regular additional sales and retain customers for the long-term
  • More efficient: Higher customer circulation = increased customer frequency of customers
  • Cost reduction: The combination of all product features reduces your investment while providing added value