towardpi BMIZAR – 400KHz Full Range SS-OCTA


towardpi BMIZAR – 400KHz Full Range SS-OCTA


BMizar features the most powerful OCT “engine” in the industry, 400KHz swept source. The Bmizar from Toward Π is a Swept source 1060 nm OCT wavelength with a Fundus wavelength 840 nm SLO, 400.000/second A-Scan speed, 3.8 microns resolution Axial and 10 microns resolution Lateral.


  • AI Anterior & Posterior Angiography Module
  • 1.4μm Digital Analysis & 3.8μm Optical
  • Eye Tracking Speed 128Hz
  • Full Range Wide-Field 24mm
  • With exceptional optic design
  • The experience of OCT Angiography is pushed to an unprecedented level.
  • High-definition structure and blood vessels of retina, choroid and anterior, covers extremely large area in a blink of scan (24mm width OCTA in 15 seconds).
  • A game changer of clinical practices for diseases like DR, RVO, RAO, etc.
  • Plus, huge dioptric adaptive range brings all types of OCT/OCTA with no need of additional lenses.

  • A-Scan speed: 400,000/sec
  • Resolution Axial: 3.8 microns (optical)
  • Resolution Lateral: 10 microns (optical)
  • Dioptric Range: -30D to +30D
  • Field of view: 120°
  • Anterior line scan length 3-16mm adjustable
  • Posterior scanning depth 3mm, 6mm
  • Anterior scanning depth 6 mm
  • OCTA pattern (retina) 3x3mm to 12x12mm adjustable, 24x20mm
  • OCTA pattern (anterior) 6x6mm, 16x12mm, adjustable
  • OCTA line positions 512-1280
  • Maximum A-scan numbers on B-scan 1536
  • Maximum OCTA scan pattern 24 X 20 mm (single capture)
  • Typical OCTA acquisition time 1.8s (3-6mm), 7.2s (12mm), 15s (24mm)


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